Quilon is the other name of Kollam which was a old se port town. Kollam is a place where we can find the combination of lakes, sea, mountains, streams, rivers, backwaters, vast green fields, forest and crops. So let's call the district as the capital of God's own County.


The history of Kollam says that it had trade relation with other countries in the world. It is revealed that there is relation with Chinese in relation of trade. The evidences came from the writings of Ibn Batuta who travelled in India during 14th century. It also made relation with Persian Gulf also, the merchant Sulaiman from Persia visited the port in 9 the centuries. In 1275 Marco Polo visited Kollam and other parts of India. The Portuguese established first trading center in Kollam in 1502.British government came to rule in 1795.

Major Attractions in Kollam

There are lots of unique places in Kollam. There is an old proverb "Once you see Kollam, you will not need your home any more" tells the better living conditions in Kollam in earlier times

Ashtamudi Lake

The most wanted backwater tourism in India is the Ashtamudi Lake, hence it is known as the gate way of back water tourism of Kerla. There are lots of luxury houseboats and other travelling facilities to enjoy the beauty of the unique ecosystem, large water body and the natural beauty around the lake. The beauty of the lake inspired lot of writers and painters to create beauty full art and literature works.

Adventure Park.

The scenic beauty located 3 km away from the centre of the city to attract the people. It is close to the Ashtamudi Lake, which is very attractive for the children. There is boat jetty to provide different kinds of boat service such as luxury cruise boats, motorboats powerboats, etc.

Asramam Picnic Village

The spot is located in the area of 48 acres, located 2 Km away from the city. The Paaramparya Museum is also located in the same area including paintings from different parts of the country. Yatri Nivas also located in the Asramam Picnic Village.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Police Museum

It is such type of a unique museum to explain the development of the police force I n India. It is just opposite Kollam Junction railway station. It is dedicated to the Iron man Of India. It displays the arms and ammunition of 18th and 19th centuries such as guns, machines, bullets and a diversity of other weapons.


Kollam Beach or Mahatma Gandhi Beach, Thiruvallamuram Beach and Thangassery Beah are the famous beaches in Kollam
Kollam beach and Thiruvallamuram beaches are the twin beaches of the city. Kollam beach accommodated a park with international standards known as Mahathma Gandhi Park which was inaugurated by the Vice President of India, Zakir Hussein on January 1, 1961.
Kollam district is accessed by air, rail and roadways .Trivandrum International Airport is 56 Kilometer away from the city. Railway station in just 1km from the city.