Ernankulam holds very important place in the state of Kerala. It is economical economic centre of Kerala. Ernakulam is one of the district provides all the facilities for better a better living condition such as international airport, best accommodations facilities, Hospitals, Educational institutions, all types of shopping mall, etc. It is also known as the Queen of Arabian Sea. The Kerala Hight Court is situated in Cochin. The Cochin stock Exchange also set in Cochin. Now, the face of the Cochin is changing. It is having religious, cultural and historic land marks of churches, temples, palaces, mosques, etc. One Of the Major Attractions of the Cochin is the Chinese Fishing net which is used for fishing.


It played a major role in the trade relations between Kerala and the outside world in the ancient and medieval period. During the ruling period of Kings it linked with Chera Dynasty of the Sangam age. After that it came under the Kingdom of Cochin. The entry of western culture changed the face of Cochin.

General Information.

Area - 87.341 sq.kms cover the whole areas of Ernankulam District. The places are Mattancherry, Palluruthy, Fort Kochi, Willingdon Island, Thoppumpady, Kakkanad, etc
• As per the census 2001 the population of Cochin was 2589038
• The language is Malayalam. But English also takes a Major role in cochin.
• Religion: There are different types of religious people such as Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Janis, Jews and Sikhs
• Climate: The warm tropical climate.



It plays major role in the area of travel and Tourism. Cochin International airport is the major gateway to Kerala. There are lots of historical, natural and manmade land marks to attract the travelers from all over the world.

Jewish Synagogu

Jewish synagogue is located in Mattachery. It was built in 1568 by the Jews. Once the Portuguese destructed the palace, later it reconstructed the Dutch people. It is very close to Mattancherry Palace. Now, Jewish are less in numbers in Cochin who maintains the Synagogue.

St.Francis Church

In 1510 AD Portuguese made the Protestant church. The Vasco da Gama was buried there, later taken to Portugal. And other churches are Santa Cruz Basilica Church which is the Roman Catholic Church.

Vallarpadam Church

It is the very famous destination in Cochin without looking the diversity of casts. People from the world come to visit and pray in the church of Holymary. It is known as Basilica of Our Lady of Ransom. It is built by Portuguese people consider as the oldest European church.

Bolghatty Palace

It is renewed as the most wanted Heritage Hotel in India. It was built by the Dutch in 1774. The palace is located in the Bolghatty Island. It is suggestible palace for the Honeymoon Couples. It has huge lounge along with the facilities of a mini golf course, Ayurvedic centre, swimming pool and daily Kathakali performances.

Hill Palace Museum

The largest archeological museum is located in Cochin, also consider as the first Heritage Museum. It is capable to attract both national and international peoples. It was built in the year of 1865 by the Maharajah of Cochin and covers the area of 52 acres. There are galleries of crown, weapons, ornaments, inscriptions, sculptures etc.

Willingdon Island

It is manmade island in Cochin surrounded by back waters. It was built in 1936. British Viceroy Lord Willingdon commissioned the project i.e it is known as Willingdon Island. Now it is connected Kochi with other seaports of the world. Now there are lot of industrial areas and also famous hotels.

Marine Drive

One of the walk able places in the Cochin is Marine Drive. There are lot business centers nearby Cochin. It surrounded by star hotels, Luxury apartments, parks and other modern facilities. The place is also called as Shanmugham Road. The travel can enjoy theire evening

Hospital Facilities
Hospital Facilities

There are highly qualified hospitals in Ernankulam. Peoples from abroad also come for the treatment in hospitals like Medical Trust Hospital, Lakeshore Hospital, AIMS, etc.

Dutch Palace Ernakulam

It was gift from Portuguese to Raja Veera Kerala Varma of Kochi, also known as the Dutch Palace. The place offers an elaboration of traditional Kerala art and architecture. There is amazing paintings which explain the culture of that time. The place is located around just 10km from the Ernakulam Town.

Lulu mall Ernakulam
Shopping Centers

It is the better place to get most of the items from the worlds. There world famous shopping centers like Lulu mall, Obron Mall, Gold Souk, etc. All of them keep the standard of the International level. You can take MG road, Broad way, etc for an economical shopping.