The district is very famous for rich culture, heritage and historic significance. The existing and manmade attraction in related to the culture, religion and economy brought so many things to develop the tourism of Kerala. The famous Muslim dance form Oppana originated from Malapuram. Chaliyar, Kadalundi and, Bharathapuzha are the main rivers flow through Malapuram. The Vedic tradition and Kottakkal Ayurdeda treatment originated from Malapuram.


Malapuram has rich cultural and Political heritage. "Terraced place atop the hills" is the word meaning of Malapuram district. The historical movements such as Khilafat Movement and Mapila Revolt originated from the district of Malapuram. The Ponnani fort was very famous for trade relation with other countries in ancient times

Major Destinations

There are lots of historical and religious points of attractions to give fun and enjoyment for the travelers. Cultural heritages, Natural destinations, temples and mosques are there to support the tourism in Malapuram.


The place is known as the land of teak plantations. Nilambur forest is very famous about unique flora and fauna in the area. It is located to Nilgiri range of the Western Ghats. It is located on the road between Nilambur - Gudallur route. The teak museum is the famous attractions in the Malapuram district. The Nilambur Pattu is famous ancient festival in Kerala.

NedumKayam Rainforest

The place is considered as the attractive rain forest in Kerala. You can find variety of flora and fauna in the forest. It is also a perfect place for trekking trips.

Kadalundi River Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the resting place for more than 60 types of migratory birds and over 100 types of native birds. The people can access the perfect view of the Kadalundi River. There are birds like whimbrels, sandpipers, herons, etc as migratory birds. The traveling between December and April will offer the perfect view of birds. You can also watch different types of fishes, crabs and mussels in the Sanctuary. It is a suitable place for trekking tours.

Adyanpara Waterfalls

The water falls is located in the Kanjirappuzha. The beauty of the waterfalls attracts the people. The water falls is located around 15 kilometer distance from the Nilambur.


The place is known as the Ooty of Malapuram district. The popular hill station of Malapuram is located nearby Perinthalmanna. The word meaning of Kodikuthimala is a flag was hoisted at this hilltop by British people in a Survey. The hill station keeps 1500 ft distance from the sea level.

Kozhippara waterfalls

The simple and beautiful waterfall is located in the boarder of Kozhikode and Malapuram district. The place is recommendable for adventure tours for the people. The people can enjoy swimming and trekking there. The amazing waterfall is located in Kuthradampuzha River.
As we mentioned Malapuram is famous about attractive hills and forest areas. The district includes other attractive destinations such as Keralamkundu it is waterfalls which keeps 1500 ft from the sea level. Karuvarakundu is other natural destination in Malapuram district