Palakkad is one of the 14th districts in Kerala, considered as the gate to Kerala from the north. Palakkad district includes hills, rivers, mountain streams, Paddy fields and forests. Palakkad is known as "the granary of Kerala" and "Rice bowl of Kerala". The total area of palakkad district is 4480 KM2. The word palakkad derived from two words Pala and Kadu, Pala means Alsteria scholaris and Kadu means forest. It plays a major role to connect Thamilnadu and Kerala in trade relations. It also made major contribution to Kerala Art and Cultural forms.

Major Destinations

Palakkad is a place where the traveler can find historical and natural attractions. The district is having better attractions from nature like Nelliyampathy and Malampuzha like that. Let us find the major attractions in Palakkad.

Palakkad Fort

The historical place located in the heart of the city. The fort was built by Hyder Ali of Mysore in 1766. After that it came under the control of British rule and they renewed the fort in 1790. Now it is controlled by Archaeological department of India. There is a children park for children's near by the park.

Malampuzha Dam

The largest reservoir situated in the district of Palakkad. The background of Western Ghats enhances the beauty of the Malampuzha dam. The dam built across the Malampuzha River with the height of 6066 feet. The construction of the dam completed in 1955. It spread around an area of 145 SK. The people can enjoy boating in the dam.

Malampuzha Garden

Malampuzha garden is located nearby Malampuzha Dam. It is beautiful place of landscaped gardens. It is around 10 Kilometer from the Palakkad Town. It is associated with children's park and Snake Park. There are attractive toys to cherish the children's. The major attraction of the Malampuzga garden is Rope way to watch the entire beauty of the dam and garden. There is a statue of Yakshi made by Kanaikunjirman.

Fantasy Park

The Kerala's first amusement park is located in Palakkad district. The responsibility of the park is on the shoulder of Neo Tech Amusements and Resorts Pvt. LTD. It is very close to the Malampuzha garden and the Dam. It was started in 1996. In 2005 the park as upgraded as the full-fledged water theme park. It spread around 17 acres of the land with unique attractions like 16D Cine Magic Ride, Planetarium, Boomerang Water Ride, Fanta Tub, Multi-Slide, Wave Pool, Dragon Coaster, etc.

Silent Valley

The famous attraction of the Palakkad district is the SilentValley National Park covering the area of sq.kms. The park is located in the north eastern corner of the district. It is a valuable gift from the nature. There different kinds of birds and animals to amaze the people. The river Kundhi is originating from the Nilgiri hills. It spread around 90 acres of the land. The influence of the flora and fauna is very large the Silent Valley national Park.

Parambikulam Wildlife

It is located between the Nelliyampathy Ranges of Kerala and the NelliampathyRanges of Kerala. Previously it was an area of around 48 sq.Kms. In 1962, it is expanded into 285 sq.kms of land. It got place in the World Heritage site by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. There are animals like Nilgiri Tahr, Bengal tigers, Wild boar, Nilgiri Langurs, elephants, Indian leopards, Sloth Bears and the famous Lion-tailed Macaques.


Nelliyampathy is one of the best places for summer Vacation is located in Palakkad District. The distance between Palakkad city and the Nelliyampathy is 75 kilometers. It keeps 1572 height from the sea level. The hill areas are having similarity with the Green Valley of Kodaikanal. The hill is surrounded by tea and coffee plantations. It is a suitable place for trekking and other adventure travels. The fascinating beauty of the hills attracts lots of people from national and international destinations.

Other Attractions

• Pothundy Dam
• Mangalam Dam
• Siruvani
• Meenkara

• Dhoni Reserve Forest
• Kanjirapuzha Dam
• J.P Smrithi Vanam